Alour Vegan Gift Baskets

Available for Local Pickup at Mya’s Salon!

We design vegan and gluten free gift boxes, baskets, and bags with carefully selected items from independent artisans and small business who are eco-friendly, make delicious vegan and gluten free foods, and are experts in their field.

We are creating gifts that are truly better for you and our world.
We hope to inspire a curiosity and desire within people to change for themselves and the place in which we live everyday.

Alour started with a desire to bring all natural vegan products to my customers.

For a long time I have been reading food labels to make sure I am only eating the cleanest options.

After listening to my customers, friends and family members over the years I was amazed how so many people aren’t aware of the fillers, preservatives and unnecessary additives that are added to their food. I started creating my own juices, snacks and meals thinking I could nurture others with clean wholesome food. After 6 months of trial and error I had a new appreciation for companies who have already done the hard work of creating great tasting foods and clean products. Which got me thinking “how could I help out both the companies and my loved ones?” The idea for vegan gift baskets was born.

My hope is you enjoy these products as much as I have.