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Nail Care, Massage and Hair Care

Massage with Deb Fisher LMT# 5969

  • 30 min. – $40
  • 60 min. – $75
  • 90 min – $110

CranioSacral Therapy

The CrainoSacral System consists of the membranes and fluid that surround and protect the brain and the spinal cord as well as bones of the skull and the tailbone area. A very light touch/hold is used to help release restrictions which cause dysfunction.

Swedish (Classic)

Relaxation massage using long flowing strokes with oil to reduce muscle pain stiffness and overall stress from the body. The amount of pressure is determined by the client.

Myofascial Release

Unlike the long Swedish strokes, Myofascial Release involves gentle pressure in various directions for several minutes at a time without changing hand position.

Schedule with Deb online to make your relaxing get away today. Available Mondays – Saturday.

*On-site chair massage is also available

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Some NFL players are using CranioSacral Therapy for all the helmet to helmet contact.

What is CST?
CEREBRAL SPINAL FLUID: Surrounds the brain and spinal column. Protects and nourishes every nerve and tissue. Central Nervous System branches out into entire body, innervating all organs and their functions.

Is the pulse of your Cerebrospinal Fluid. Similar to your heart pumping blood and creating a pulse, so does your CranioSacral System pump fluid causing flexion/extension of cranial bones and throughout your spinal cord and body.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY: is a light touch manual therapy, (5 grams of pressure which is the weight of a nickel). The skull bones are intimately attached and make the perfect handles to work with this system, helping to facilitate the body's own healing system. It is deeply relaxing, restful, and restorative.
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